Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Classic Car Season 16 (2012) Episode 7 + Slamology coverage

On this episode of My Classic Car, Dennis travels to Indianapolis, IN for Slamology. Plus, he'll learn about new technology in battery maintenance.

This was the fifth time I’ve been to Slamology, and I was excited to hear it changed venues. From the Marion County Fairgrounds to the Lucas Oil Speedway in Indianapolis, IN, it brought back some awesome Indy Truck Bash memories. It was situated on the circle track which was different than ITB, and there was a diesel event going on at the dragstrip, but just being there gave the show a different feel. I liked the spot a lot better!

I had planned on just driving up Saturday morning, doing coverage all day, then coming home that night. But I ended up riding out in my buddy’s bodied Zu on Friday evening. The hotel party got a little crazy at one point, but it was all in good fun. Minitruckers and alcohol can always be an interesting combination.

I woke up early in the passenger seat of my friend’s bagged Silverado, something I’ve been known to do (sleep random places). Making my way up to the room of five potentially hungover guys, all I was concerned about was brushing my teeth, getting a hot shower, grabbing some food, and chugging massive amounts of water & Gatorade. All of which happened. Success!

Once we entered the show, we got registered (which took longer than expected), and made our way to meet up with the rest of the guys. By noon, it was extremely hot out. I definitely got burnt by the end of the day. And as usual, too many liquid spirits the night before had me procrastinating the majority of the show. I eventually grabbed my camera and hit the show field. Once I start, I can’t stop. I walked the whole place a couple times trying to shoot all the badass trucks. It’s always cool to see some high-quality rides that you’ve never seen so close to home. The show is less than two hours from my house, so I always make plans to attend. I really wish I had brought my truck though.

It was also awesome to have several people come up to me at the show and say “Hey buddy, long time no see.” or “Mini Truck Scene is the best! Keep it up!” or “How have you been? I can’t wait to see your coverage!” I love going to these shows, traveling, seeing some of the craziest rides around, and hanging out with my crew. But one of the things that makes this all worth it to me is meeting new people that have a passion for building these trucks. Hearing their stories, seeing their builds, and seeing the excitement it brings to everyone at these events. Sure there are competitions, judging, haters, drama, etc… but it’s all about having a good ass time with like-minded people.

As the show was coming to an end on Saturday night, we headed to El Rodeo for some excellent Mexican food, then back to the hotel for more shenanigans. After midnight, we started paying attention to the storm brewing on the radar. After talking about leaving soon for a couple hours, some of us actually did. I was passed out most of the way home, and walked into my house at 4:30am. My bed never looked so comfortable. If you’ve never been to Slamology, I’d definitely recommend it. Every year I’ve been, I’ve had a great time and this year was no different. I hope they keep this location next year and it continues to grow.