Sunday, April 19, 2015

1969 GTO, Judge Tribute Build “JudgeMental”

This car was found in Tuscon Arizona, a rust free survivor, but as you can see it was in ragged condition (see here). Media blasting confirmed the rust free and basically untouched sheet metal. Most of the external sheet metal was such that we just decided to replace it. This will be a top drawer pro-touring car. We had the talented guys at Street Rod Garage build this awesome chassis which will lower the ride height materially and give it track ready performance. The chassis incorporates drilled and slotted large Wilwood brakes with stainless steel lines and polished calipers connected to Wilwood pedals and boosters. It also includes a polished Curry rear differential, polished stainless tank and lines, and a narrowed rear (three inched on each side) allowing us to mini-tub the rear. The mini tub will allow up to 15 inches of clearance. The experts at Butler Performance Engines built the fuel injected powerplant, a mere 665 HP and 650 lbs of torque, that will be backed by a Tremec six speed transmission. Custom fabrication includes mini tubs, smoothed firewall, fabricated floor tunnel to make space for the six speed, a hand made custom fiberglass from bumper, and lots of other mods you will see as this build progresses. Naturally we will work every body panel so the gaps are perfect, something we always do and something you simply won’t find on a stock muscle car. Paint will be much like a traditional Ram Air IV Judge (carousel red) but of course, like all ISRC builds we will add the awesome touches that make all of our builds stand out.

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